NFL NEWS: Rams ST Coordinator identifies important players…….

NFL NEWS: Rams ST Coordinator identifies important players…….

Sean McVay will return as Rams' head coach

LA Rams ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn reveals the approach the team will take to understand the new NFL kickoff regulations and identifies a crucial person to piece the puzzle together.

The Los Angeles Rams are aware that their kickoff and kickoff return groups are currently somewhat unstable. This is a result of the recent bizarre modifications to the NFL’s kickoff rules, which have confused ST Coordinators to the point where they cannot agree on how to use the new regulations to their team’s advantage.

Therefore, you can anticipate up to 32 distinct interpretations of whatever approaches—methods, plans, and tactics—prove to be the most effective for the 2024 NFL season, given that there are 32 NFL teams and 32 different Special Team Coordinators in the league. The person you are probably most interested in hearing from is LA Rams ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn, even though many Rams fans might find the strategies employed by other teams intriguing. And starting at 10:40 in the Rams YouTube video that is attached below, you will get that chance.

It takes almost ten minutes to get through the whole news conference that discusses Chase Blackburn and the new kickoff regulations. I highly recommend watching the entire video, since in the first part, head coach Sean McVay provides his analysis and perspective on the club’s third week of organized team activities.

How LA Rams' Sean McVay became the youngest head coach in the NFL
However, we will discuss that segment of the video in a different post. Here’s a quick rundown of how the Rams intend to handle the new kickoff regulations. You may watch the entire press conference (begin at 10:40 for Chase Blackburn’s portion), but to save you time, here are some highlights of the Rams’ strategy for the new kickoff rules:

That is an excellent summary that emphasizes the need for self-discipline on the part of the kickoff coverage and return teams to initiate play at the appropriate time and then change from a standing position to one of coverage/tackling and blocking/returning.

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