NFL NEWS: my secret to become world giants

NFL NEWS: my secret to become world giants


Retired NFL pass rusher JJ Watt open to returning to Texans only if DeMeco  Ryans 'absolutely needs it' | Fox News

To put it mildly, the 2023 Houston Texans were not overly optimistic going into the season.

It was, after all, the squad that finished the previous season with a miserable 3-13-1 record and a new head coach who started a rookie quarterback.

The campaign then started at 0-2.

However, quarterback C.J. Stroud rapidly demonstrated that he was the ideal candidate to guide the offense, and new head coach DeMeco Ryans showed he was more than capable of taking on the task.

This week, J.J. Watt, a previous outstanding player for the Texans, talked about the team’s ambitious objectives after they won an incredible 10 games and advanced to the AFC playoff divisional round.

“Ryans is the perfect person to handle the high expectations for the Texans,” Watt said to Pat McAfee.

The former Houston player claimed to be familiar with the youthful head coach and to be “so even keel and calm.”

JJ Watt, Arizona Cardinals defensive end, to retire after this season | CNN

With so much young talent on the club, Watts thinks Ryans can connect with them and help keep the guys “in check” as they develop into pros.

With three Defensive Player of the Year awards under his belt, Watt is undoubtedly well-liked in the NFL.

There’s no reason to mistrust him when he claims the Texans have a bright future.

Ultimately, the squad is led by Ryans, with Stroud in charge of the attack and fellow 2023 rookie Will Anderson Jr. in charge of a defense that should only improve.

Houston may hold the AFC South for many years to come.


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