247news: national writer to succeed in Mark Pope’s approach” considered a “type of weapon”

247news: national writer to succeed in Mark Pope’s approach” considered a “type of weapon”


UK Basketball: Twitter loves the addition of Otega Oweh from Oklahoma  Sooners - A Sea Of Blue

Although Otega Oweh appears to be the “forgotten” part of Kentucky’s transfer class, a national journalist believes that Mark Pope will bring out the best in him.

There will inevitably be one player in an eight-member transfer class who is forgotten about or given less consideration.

Mark Pope was thrilled to be able to ensure that every player he added through the transfer link was the ideal fit for his system for his Kentucky team.

It’s simple to get distracted by the flashy names and impressive skill sets of the 11 new players, none of whom have ever played a minute of basketball together. However, often the most significant contributions come from obscure talents and reputations.

That appears to be Otega Oweh’s situation. As a sophomore, the former Oklahoma guard led the team in scoring with 11.4 points and 3.8 rebounds per game. He made 37.7 percent of his three-pointers and 49.3 percent of his field goals.

Even though he was among the first players to publicly declare their commitment to the Wildcats, he does not have the same level of national recognition as some of his teammates.

Kentucky contacts Oklahoma's Otega Oweh, Dayton's Koby Brea

However, according to a national writer, Oweh is the “kind of weapon” that Mark Pope’s system will work best with.

Regarding Otega Oweh, national writer Isaac Trotter of 247Sports said, “Don’t overlook Oweh in all of this.” As a physically fit driver, he recorded a 58% rim rate the previous year. Compared to the rest of this Kentucky backcourt, he is a very different player. Pope needed just that kind of weapon to change up Kentucky’s attacking arsenal.”

Although there are many shooters on Kentucky’s roster, fans don’t find Oweh’s superior driving and finishing skills to be as alluring. This is the reason why many Kentucky fans don’t seem to remember his name.

But within the structure, that isn’t the case.

Pope said of Oweh, “He’s exceptional at earning trips to the free-throw line and he brings a special physicality and intensity to the game.” “His humility off the court will help him win over Big Blue Nation, and his tenacity on the court is infectious.”

Kentucky Sports Radio - Kentucky has reached out to Oklahoma transfer Otega  Oweh. It's head in a swivel SZN. MORE:  https://www.on3.com/teams/kentucky-wildcats/news/kentucky-reaches-out-to-oklahoma-transfer- otega-oweh/ | Facebook
Oweh, a 6-foot-4 wing from the rim, finishes through and around contact with his aggressiveness and toughness. Last year, he attempted field goals at the rim in 61% of his tries.

At this point in the season, Kentucky is one of the best teams in the SEC, and if that continues, Oweh’s performance will probably

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