Done deals: The most players signed by the Rams for 2025

The most players signed by the Rams for 2025


Rams LB Ernest Jones thriving as playmaker for reenergized L.A. defense |  FOX Sports

With so many under contract, cost-controlled players, what advantage do the Rams have?

The Los Angeles Rams have the most players contracted for the 2025 season with seventy, in part because they had drafted thirty-two prospects in the last three years, including 2024. With 66 players committed for 2025, there is four more than any other team, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What does this signify for the Rams?
The fact that Los Angeles still has an anticipated $34 million in cap space for the upcoming summer is a benefit of having so many players on rookie contracts. In the next nine months, that figure, like most cap numbers, will fluctuate dramatically, but the Rams will have an advantage in creating their team because so many of their players are on rookie contracts.

Ernest Jones IV

Whether it’s Puka Nacua, Kobie Turner, or Stetson Bennett, the important thing will be for them to continue playing well or to improve.

The Rams’ need to make need-filled purchases in 2022, 2023, and 2024 will be inversely correlated with how much they recover from those draft classes. Les Snead and Sean McVay will have more money to spend on wants if the Rams spend less on necessities.

Rams free agents for 2025
Along with A.J. Jackson and Ernest Jones, the Rams inked one-year contracts with Tre’Davious White, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Demarcus Robinson. Los Angeles will have to pay a part of that $34 million if they hope to keep any of those players.

Since the Rams haven’t selected any noteworthy off-ball linebackers recently, either Jones will be retained or they will make an acquisition next year via free agency, trade, or the draft.

Candidates for the Rams 2025 cut
In a year, not every one of the seventy players signed through 2025 will be on the team.

The Rams still have roughly $10 million set aside in cap space for Aaron Donald in addition to $50.5 million for Matthew Stafford and over $30 million for Cooper Kupp for the upcoming season. I’m not sure if there are many or any “obvious” cut candidates, but assessments of Darious Williams, Rob Havenstein, Stafford, Kupp, and Dar Havenstein will be required. Naturally, a large number of the cut candidates at this time are neither prominent starters or signed to veteran contracts.

Just take athletes like KT Leveston, Jason Taylor, Desjuan Johnson, and Ochaun Mathis as examples. Which of L.A.’s most recent draft selections will be on the 53-man roster? The majority will make the practice squad, but there’s a chance they’ll be selected by another team. or that another team’s waiver claim, chosen by the Rams, will be used to take their place.

Benefit: Rams

Everything is going well so far in terms of selecting replacements to field 53 and 90-man rosters under the wage ceiling while paying a few players outrageous sums of money. The onus now shifts on McVay and company to continue obtaining what they require from Los Angeles’ cost-controlled players after the Rams acquired what they required from the 2023 draft class. One benefit of having so many players committed for the future is that you don’t have to cut any of them unless you choose to.


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