Breaking: Roundup 2024 NBA Mock Hornets….

Breaking: Roundup 2024 NBA Mock Hornets….

The final mock drafts before the real deal take place are being cooked up with less than a month until the 2024 NBA Draft. Everything is unclear, from the top to the bottom. Not even Alexander Sarr, the first overall pick, is certain. The Charlotte Hornets’ choice in sixth place isn’t either.

The Hornets have been reported to be moving in several different directions by various media. Nonetheless, certain names have been associated with Charlotte’s youthful core more frequently than others.

Hornets’ center of the future will be Donovan Clingan.

The name primarily associated with the Hornets is that of the former UConn Huskie. Even Brett Siegel of ClutchPoints is of the opinion that Donovan Clingan will join Buzz City in order to provide Mark Williams and Nick Richards with additional front court depth.

Williams’ chronic back problem limited his playing time in the 2023–24 season to just 19 games. Clingan might provide Charlotte greater potential and some roster building options. similar to moving Nick Richards to a team in need of a competent backup center or selecting a more experienced guard from the free agent pool over a younger one selected in the draft.

Clingan can assist Charlotte in strengthening their defense, which is something the Hornets are trying to do better. They have two players who can always defend the paint when they’re on the floor if they want to keep Williams.

In mock drafts, Matas Buzelis’ name is still very popular.
Another popular name being connected to the Hornets is Matas Buzelis. He was listed by Sports Illustrated’s Schuyler Callihan as one of Charlotte’s draft choices. At either wing spot, his 6’10” frame can be a mismatch problem. If chosen, it would be the Hornets’ second consecutive year of selecting a versatile wing scorer in the draft, following their selection of Brandon Miller the previous year.

Buzelis is a capable spot-up threat who can also create his own opportunities. Despite his lack of girth, his length will still allow him to disrupt shots at his size.

If Miller, Buzelis, and LaMelo Ball stay healthy and develop as a unit, they might be a potent offensive combination. In the unlikely event that he falls on draft day, Buzelis might be Charlotte’s nightcap.

Reed Shepard is the Hornets’ go-to shooter if they need one.

In the NBA today, shooting is more valuable than anything else, and Reed Shepard is seen to be the greatest pick available. In their mock drafts, James Fletcher III and Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer both had Shepard going to the Hornets.

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