Good news: Rams announce new Assistant Head Coach “Earned” Title.

Good news: Rams announce new Assistant Head Coach “Earned” Title.

Rams bring back Aubrey Pleasant as DBs coach/passing game coordinator

Sean McVay, the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, has a knack for assembling a team that includes skilled assistants.

Although McVay must replace members of his coaching staff every offseason, he was fortunate to have Aubrey Pleasant return as a significant player this past offseason. After stints with the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers in the past, Pleasant returned to the Rams to oversee the defense backs.

It’s really earned, McVay declared. You are all aware of my admiration for Aubrey. Of the eight years, he has spent six of them here. There was no denying his presence when he returned.

However, when I consider what that assistant head coach stands for, I see a leader, a mentor, a teacher, a connector, and a man who, as I just indicated to you guys, has worked with rookies to teach them about the culture. You guys have heard me say this before: “Great leaders influence and effect positive change with people they’re around, situations they’re a part of.” He is undoubtedly a very close friend, but he has earned that role based on his effect and influence. He’s a terrific leader and he ticks both of those boxes. He really has such a wonderful confidence in himself.

Rams Promote Aubrey Pleasant To Assistant Head Coach

“It was one of the best moments I’ve ever been a part of when we announced it to the team because of the genuine excitement from the coaches and players because it was earned, and it was cool to be able to surprise him and see the genuine appreciation,” McVay remarked. But as I’ve already stated, it’s earned, therefore I’ll rely a lot on him. And while I’m thrilled for Aubrey, I have to emphasize how much he has earned the title of assistant head coach.

Since joining McVay, Pleasant has been a constant on the sidelines, and coming into the 2024 campaign, he will likely assume greater responsibility.

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