Report: fans to be optimistic about the LA Rams DC In 2024….

Report: fans to be optimistic about the LA Rams DC In 2024….

Rams Promote Chris Shula To DC

The new defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams is Chris Shula, a veteran positional coach for the team. However, he is the first defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams to face an attack without All-Pro defensive end Aaron Donald at the line of scrimmage. It seems like he has already taken a step backwards before he can even introduce his first defensive strategy.

But ultimately, isn’t that the Rams’ approach? The organization cleared the decks of special team veterans when they acquired ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn, giving Blackburn the freedom to design the units for the special teams in his own unique way and according to his demands. However, the results proved to be less than ideal, with only one rookie prospect hearing his name called out in the 2023 NFL Draft and no returning veterans.

Rams' new coordinator Chris Shula has names behind his defense - Los  Angeles Times

However, in 2024, the defense will go its own way. Under head coach Sean McVay, the Rams have had a variety of defensive coordinators, including charismatic DC Raheem Morris, creative DC Brandon Staley, and seasoned DC Aaron Donald. However, the team is trying something different with new DC Chris Shula. Shula is a positional coach who ascended through the Rams coaching staff’s ranks, after all. Being the grandson of the late great NFL coach Don Shula, he carries the genetic makeup of an exceptional NFL coach. Best of all, though, at a moment when a new chapter is being written, he offers this defense a fresh and cohesive viewpoint:

Let’s not fool ourselves: managing the defense for the Rams in 2024 is not nearly as appealing as it once was. DT Aaron Donald, ILB Bobby Wagner, and DB Jalen Ramsey were three All-Pro veterans on the Rams defense at one point. Tre’Davious White, a wide receiver, is the only previous All-Pro on the defense in 2024. He is attempting to return to his peak level of play after a string of injuries cast doubt on his future.

The dominant defense to which supporters are used has changed over time. And that’s what Chris Shula, the new DC, has to deal with—or maybe hopes to—with.

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