Breaking: $12 million contract with a $4.9 million guarantee, rejected by giants top star

Breaking: $12 million contract with a $4.9 million guarantee, rejected by giants top star

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The New York Giants’ veteran receiver Darius Slayton made the decision to wait for a new contract just before the 2024 NFL draft. Last season, Slayton signed a two-year, $12 million contract with a $4.9 million guarantee, accepting less money in exchange to stay with the Giants.

Slayton, who is 27, has seen teammates sign deals worth more than $12 million a year in the free-agent market this off-season. Considering his steady play in spite of the team’s issues with their offensive line and quarterback instability, it is obvious that he is looking for an extension from the Giants that appropriately compensates for his actual worth.

The Giants May Continue Darius Slayton
Slayton has been the Giants’ best receiver in terms of yardage on a regular basis. He has four touchdowns and 769 yards last season. Throughout his career, his output has only once dropped below 700 yards, and that was in 2021 as a result of injuries. In spite of this, Slayton is still a trustworthy WR2.

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Slayton’s negotiating power may have decreased after the Giants selected Malik Nabers with the sixth overall pick, but he hasn’t yet signed a new contract, as he returned to Organized Team Activities (OTAs) this week.

The Giants and his agents may be in talks to come to an agreement that pays him appropriately, especially with Darren Waller getting closer to retirement and perhaps clearing a sizable amount of salary cost room for the upcoming season.

Slayton can continue to develop alongside Nabers as the Giants’ premier receiver for a few more seasons since they have the financial flexibility to do so. But they also have Jalin Hyatt, their 2023 third-round selection, who plays similarly to Slayton by stretching defenses with his quickness. The Giants are hoping Hyatt can succeed in Slayton’s shoes even though Slayton has more experience and a more sophisticated route tree.

A three-year, $36 million extension that would give the Giants significant salary cap relief if necessary would be a viable idea, with the option to end the deal after the second year.

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Darius has always shown a strong sense of teamwork, so if the Giants needed to rework his contract, he probably would be open to the concept and would go above and beyond to support the club. His commitment to excellence shouldn’t be disregarded, especially as the Giants try to improve their passing game, in which he ought to be a vital player given probable quarterback position changes in 2025.

The Giants would have a lot of financial flexibility if they decided to go with a rookie quarterback the next season, but Slayton’s pay wouldn’t be a huge long-term worry—especially given the rising expense of wide outs.

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